Gingivitis is a disease that attacks the gums and bones that surround and support your teeth. If gingivitis has caused the loss of bone structure in your jaw, Dr. Robert H. Watson may recommend a bone graft in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bone grafting is used to coax the body into restoring and recreating lost bone structure. This bone structure is important, as it attaches your teeth to the jaw.

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Our dentist will separate your gums from your teeth so he can access your tooth roots and bone. The tooth roots are cleaned thoroughly. The holes, or defects in your bone are filled with a grafting material. The grafting material usually includes bits of:

  • Your bone
  • Cadaver bone
  • Cow bone
  • Synthetic glasses

After the graft has been placed, our dentist will place a barrier over it to protect it during the early part of healing. The barrier keeps the gums from growing into the grafting material. The gums are put back over your tooth roots and stitched in place. During the healing period, which is six to nine months, your body will fill the area with new bone.

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