The frenum is a fold of tissue that keeps an organ in the body from moving too far. There are frenums between the upper two front teeth and under the gums. If a patient’s frenum is too tight, Dr. Robert H. Watson may recommend a frenectomy in Charlotte, North Carolina. A frenectomy is a procedure that removes or reduces one of the folds of tissue in your mouth. Our dentist will use a scalpel or a laser to remove the frenum. Stitches are sometimes needed.

The frenums in your mouth have no purpose, so removing one will not be a disadvantage to the patient. Our dentist may perform a frenectomy when a frenum is too tight, in the wrong place, or causing problems in some other manner. A tight frenum under the gum can prevent the tongue from moving properly. This can make it difficult for infants to breastfeed or may cause problems when a child learns to talk. When the frenum between the upper front teeth is too tight, it may cause problems when a child’s permanent teeth come in. The teeth may not be able to grow in, or a gap may form between them.

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