Brighten Your Smile!

Do you have stained or discolored teeth? For a whiter, more beautiful smile, ask Dr. Robert H. Watson about teeth whitening in Charlotte, North Carolina. At our office, we offer both take-home whitening and internal whitening.

With take-home whitening, our dentist will supply you with custom-made bleaching trays and a gel bleaching solution. Because the trays are custom made, they will provide optimal fit and comfort. Wear the trays with the gel as prescribed by our dentist. Usually, patients wear the trays for several hours a day or during the night for up to four weeks. Take-home whitening is ideal for patients who wish to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home.

Sometimes after a root canal, the tooth will darken. This happens because the dentin of the tooth is no longer alive. A tooth that darkens after a root canal cannot be bleached using the usual methods, but by internal bleaching. Our dentist makes a small hole where the access hole of the root canal was located. Through this hole, the bleaching product is placed into the empty pulp chamber of the tooth. Once the desired whitening is achieved, a permanent filling is placed to close the access hole.

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